Politically Incorrect

August 23, 2011

Alice is currently in a decision phase, as in:

Do you want to walk to the potty or do you want Daddy to carry you?

Do you want the Goldfish cracker? Then you need to speak nicely.

Do you want to put the book on the shelf or do you want to read with Daddy? (When she clearly wants to mark the book with crayons)

Although I think this method teaches valuable decision-making skills while establishing needed parameters, it can be a real drag or downright exhausting. Tonight it dawned on me that the daughter’s ability to make a choice from two options is one of the surprising features of the Toddler Entertainment System.  The result, another Q & A with Alice:

Carter or Reagan? Carter (Unduly influenced by clothing brand)

Reagan or Mondale? Mondale (You and Minnesota, kid)

Bush or Dukakis? Bush (Seriously thought she’d go for the eyebrows)

Bush or Clinton? Bush (She must not read lips well)

Clinton or Dole? Dole (Not a Bubba fan, are we?)

Gore or Bush? Gore (Sigh of relief)

Bush or Kerry? Kerry (Feeling a sense of pride)

McCain or Obama? Obama (Brainwashing win!)

For those of you scoring at home, that’s 5 Democratic candidates and 3 Republican candidates. To be fair, I always listed the incumbent first, and if there was no incumbent, the party who last had power was listed first.

Then of course, there was the big money question:

Democrat or Republican? Democrat (No brainwashing, unless you count NPR in car)

Alas, these political declarations are mere whimsy.  Also, to be truly correct, I should have included Perot and Nader in the mix. And no matter what party she declares now, it’s clear by Allie’s actions (e.g. “No Daddy laugh, no Daddy be funny”) that she’s a straight-ticket independent.


One Response to “Politically Incorrect”

  1. Grandpa Says:

    I really need to try that TES, that sounds like a lot of fun!

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