Good Friday

October 7, 2011

Today and I hit it off real good. Here’s why:

1. My students are really getting into poetry. They aren’t dropping rhymes that are Wu-Tang worthy or anything, but most seem to be having some fun with it. Here’s hoping there isn’t any Edgar Allan in any of their futures.

2. Sara got a purrty haircut today. Before she came home, I told Alice to tell her, “Mommy your hair looks pretty.” We went through it about 3 times, but the kiddo nailed it and brought a smile to her mama’s face. I’m trying to make up for all those times that I committed husband hairesy by saying nothing post clip.

3. At dinnertime, I was playing some music to go with the daddy-daughter Golden Curry feast taking place. Since we were approaching the Shabbater’s box, I played some Mike Farris. This resulted in an unusual mash-up of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” and “Old McDonald Had a Farm” that actually worked out okay. The key was right, and the pauses worked out so that it the “ee-i-os” were sung with the song rather than over it. Brought me more than a smidgen of glee.

4. We’ve started a Friday night tradition of reading Bible stories and singing a song or two with Alice before putting her to bed. Tonight Sara and I sang four verses of “Abide with Me” to Allie’s requests of “‘gain? ‘gain?” I find it very touching that she likes this particular song in spite of her parents’ off-kilter warbles.


3 Responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Sara Says:

    You forgot the two best parts of the compliment: I’d heard it twice before even walking through the door where Alice could see me, and I heard it again this morning with a very impressive case of puffy bedhead. A sweetheart taking “pitty” on faith . . .

  2. Granny Says:

    I love it! Sounds like a great day all-around. I would give a lot to hear a recording of the suppertime duet.

  3. Mimi Says:

    We want pics of Sara and her “purrty” haircut. And ditto to Debbie’s request. Hope you all had a very Happy Sabbath.

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