A post in which I say blog a whole bunch

November 30, 2012

Fridays used to be my blog night. I would crank up the Rebecca Black and eat bowls of cereal. I would read the poetic, profound, and poignant words of my friends (seasoned with a pinch of snark). It was a glorious thing. Like a random dude was driving in a car rapping next to me.

But then my peoples stopped blogging. And I will admit that I was no better. I lost my blogbeat, my blogosity, my blogarithm. I was part of the system.

However, I think that we bloggers can rise again. Blogging begets blogging. So I say this to my friends who still blog, let that blog rise from the ashes like a phoenix who was too young to die. For the three to five of you who still read this jalopy of a blog, you should start a blog, neglect your blog, and then do that whole phoenix thing as well.

And for the time travelers from 15 years ago who are reading this post, I know this post makes no sense to you and sounds like I’m just spouting a bunch of nonsense, but I’ve heard that blogging doesn’t disrupt the space-time continuum. Also, Apple makes a serious comeback.



6 Responses to “A post in which I say blog a whole bunch”

  1. awningonanouthouse Says:

    Thank you for validating my Friday night traditions and returning to the blog. Also: greetings, time travelers. Don’t judge us too harshly for our reality shows or our music.

  2. Mari Says:

    I agree with Awning, future beings, don’t judge us for Honey Boo Boo.

    • teachiro Says:

      We can only hope, Mari. And I’m glad you posted this comment. I must have stopped following you during a dry spell, but I’m glad to see that someone has been burning the blog oil—Hanukkah style.

      • Mari Says:

        No hard feelings, Queso! I figure that as parents we have to stick together since I can’t share every parenting adventure on FB or most of my friends would unfriend me.

      • teachiro Says:

        Yeah, I can totally understand what you’re saying about parenting posts. Plus I’ve got terrible puns to scare people away as well. But someday, we’ll have a great collection of stories to look back on while the haters have pictures of food.

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