Sick Sense of Humor

January 28, 2013

So Alice be illin’ this weekend. This has resulted in cries every time a tissue comes in contact with her tiny Asian nose and spontaneous weepy eyes that cause her father to shed sympathetic tears. 

However, on the positive side of things, she still knows how to crack me up like Richard Pryor. The following conversation occurred during tonight’s bath time:

AK: Hey Daddy, can you get the bubble holder?

RK: What’s a bubble holder?

AK: You know what it is. It’s a bubble holder.

RK: Can you describe it to me?

AK: It holds the bubbles and it is round.

RK: I’m sorry, I wish I knew what you meant, but I honestly don’t know what it is.

AK: It’s a bubble holder.

RK: Well, that’s like me asking you what the gizmobob is.

AK: What’s a gidmabob?

RK: It’s a gizmobob.

AK: But what is it?

RK: See that’s like you asking me what a bubble holder is. I don’t know what it is, just like you don’t know what a gizmobob is.

AK: I know what it is.

RK: Really? What is it?

AK: It’s a bubble holder.

Tears of a different kind were shed at the at moment. I’m glad she’s mastered the call back.

P.S. – If anyone knows what a bubble holder is, feel free to give me the heads up.


2 Responses to “Sick Sense of Humor”

  1. chelfea Says:

    Love Alice. She should teach logic. And I think she’s referring to a bubble wand?

  2. teachiro Says:

    For some crazy reason, I assumed that the “bubble holder” was something she actually had access to at that moment. This was clearly too logical for the situation. Based on a follow-up interview, she seemed to indicate that it was a bubble gun her aunt and uncle gave to her, but I’m not so sure. I think she might have just been setting up her dad for failure—the little schadenfreudist.

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