I Made it Weird

February 17, 2013

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about how I haven’t been connecting with Kit yet. By the way, “Kit” is the name I just made up to refer to the baby with the unknown sex. Get it? K It? Apparently my tastefulness filter shuts down after midnight. Now I have one more thing to be guilty about. Anyhow…

In an attempt to compare my children and because I’m hopelessly vain, I looked at old blogs to see how much I had posted about Baby K at this juncture. Then I came across this post.

I don’t think this ever donned on me before, but this post is INSANE. I’ve never been a major believer in the significance of dreams, but this dream would have occurred shortly after Alice was conceived. Also, at the time of the dream, I would have had no knowledge that the wife was as prego as pasta sauce. Giving up delicious ice cream to a child? I feel like I’m doing that every day now when Alice eyes my chips or takes the last Girl Scout cookie.

So…sorry Kit, this post was originally meant to be about you, and now you’ve got this whole prophetic sibling story to deal with. I clearly owe you a bucket or two of ice cream.


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