What I Like About You

July 18, 2013

Elliot’s a week old today and I’m already smitten. Here are a few things I love about the little guy.

Smell: For some reason, I really love the newborn smell that babies give off. I probably don’t want to know the addends that comprise this sum of scent, but I’m guessing several parts breast milk with a hint of urine. Mmm….maybe someone should make an air freshener out of it.

Hair: It’s official, the wife and I make hairy kids. While I could do without the back hair, the kid has an impressive collection of dark follicles on his dome. He’s already rocking the sideburns, and he’s got a cowlick on the back of his head that sticks up like a dorsal fin.

Contortions: Elliot sleeps so much that Tess is looking like she has the energy of Richard Simmons. Not only can he sleep, he can do it in all sorts of yoga-like iterations. Some of the most notable include The Number Seven, Savior, and Downward Duck. He can do this in swings, car seats, laps, and on shoulders. Still working on the co-sleeper, but he’s had moments there too.

Consistency: Although I don’t like it that he screams bloody murder every time he gets his diaper changed, at least the kid is consistent. On the day of his circumcision, he was more distraught about his diaper change than his anatomical one. Fashion over foreskin, I guess. So maybe I’m just looking for a silver lining here, but it’s nice to know exactly what’s coming. He will get really upset, probably change color, pop out a few zits of rage, and then quickly settle down. It’s also nice that he hasn’t peed on me…yet.

Eyes: In his first few days, Elliot went through the typical baby eye progression—from blind mole rat, to squinting pirate, to stoner in rehab/alien abduction. Although his eyes still seem like they are off in another place, I love the rare glimpses I get. Sometimes he looks downright intense, and other times those eyes have the wisdom of a sea turtle.

Blue: When Alice was born, we decided we wouldn’t be pushing the stereotypical color palette upon her. That’s why her room is blue. I’m guessing that most people who visited thought we:  a) didn’t paint it ourselves b) were expecting a boy  or c) were living in denial about not having a boy. In spite of our efforts, Alice thwarted our plans by gravitating toward pink and purple and also looking best in pinks and purples. Personally, I like the traditional boy color palette a lot. Elliot looks really good in Tar Heel blue and Blue Devil blue. I may be swayed by the fact that blue is my favorite color and that according to the book Color Me Beautiful, I am definitely a winter.

Movements: Excluding those of the bowel variety, these may be what I have missed the most. When preceding a wake-up they are absolutely terrorizing (“Nonononoshshshshnononotheretherenonoshshpleasesobsobno!”), but they are usually just hilarious. There’s the startle, which looks like he is momentarily possessed by a maestro. There’s the fruitless finger find, which makes me think that I would find it very amusing to hang out with drunk people. And then there’s the random leg kicks which must be what Luigi Galvani’s experiments involving frog legs and electricity looked like.

Seven things I love for your first seven days, little one. So glad I get to spend my lifetime loving you.


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