July 21, 2013

It took an episode of Portlandia and a newborn to get me started on Battlestar Galactica. Since I’m the night owl in the family, I’ve taken the shift that usually begins at 9 and ends between midnight and 1. For awhile, I binged on Facebook and played Words with Friends more maniacally than usual (look for future post on why WWF is the perfect activity for a parent of young ones). However, that got a little boring when new updates and turns didn’t pop up immediately. To feed my need for instant gratification, I turned to Netflix.

Originally, I turned to Portlandia to fill this urge, but while I found its absurdity hilarious, it lacked the “grip” to get me sufficiently obsessed. But one night, I was in the mood for comedy and decided to give Fred and Carrie a spin. The episode centered around a couple who becomes obsessed with BSG. In fact, they become so obsessed with it that they won’t leave their apartment until they have watched every episode. Eventually, they lose their jobs because of this self-imposed couch prison. When they finish the series finale, they become so distraught with the hole in their lives that they come up with the plan to create more episodes. To fill this void, they decide to look up the show’s writer Ronald D. Moore. The gag is that the Ronald D. Moore they find is an elderly gentleman who is not the actual writer of BSG. Nevertheless, he gamely invites the fanatics in and tries to come up with an episode, much to the dismay of his wife. The real joy of the episode is seeing actual BSG actors Edward James Olmos and James Callis do a table reading of the terrible script.

That was enough to get me started. I’m up to episode 6 now (which includes the first two parts of the miniseries). While the Galactica is busy fighting off Cylon attackers, Elliot obliviously sleeps on my chest. If only he knew. Actually, the newborn, show, and sleep deprivation have combined to cause a strange father/fan synthesis, much like the humanoid Cylons.

A few of these thoughts:

  • After watching a few episodes and a few days of parenting two little ones, it didn’t take long for me to wonder if my children were actually Cylons trying to destroy their creators.
  • Edward James Olmos is an absolute acting powerhouse. It’s good to see Jaime Escalante taking his talents with Latino math whizzes and using them to save humanity. I also can’t help but be impressed by the fact that his scarred face has probably become a career asset. Instant gravitas. It makes me less of a pageant parent when Elliot pops out another zit of rage.
  • The episode where the crew hasn’t slept for days due to Cylon attacks every 33 minutes came at the perfect time. My in-laws were getting ready to leave and I was going to be needing to pull a full shift. Every time I felt tired, I took comfort in the fact that the Galactica had it waaaay worse.
  • Starbuck is a great character and all, but sometimes after a few rounds with Alice I really start to empathize with Colonel Tigh. That’s probably going to be our relationship when she hits middle school.
  • Tom Zarek totally reminds me of Rick Perry. In the episode where he first showed up, I kept thinking he would make a huge gaffe and nobody would take him seriously as a viable leader. But maybe I shouldn’t make fun of Rick Perry, because when I forget the list of three items that my wife told me three seconds ago or start sentences only to realize I have no idea where they end, I realize this fact. I HAVE BECOME HIM. Oops.

Just 69 more episodes to go. Maybe Elliot’s first words will be “Good hunting”.


2 Responses to “BSG BFF”

  1. awningonanouthouse Says:

    I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I love BSG. Have really only seen the last season in its entirety, but loved it. And was not a huge fan of Starbuck, a fact I found ironic. Edward James Olmos makes that show. Enjoy!

    • teachiro Says:

      It’s not too late to go back! I just watched the episode “The Flight of the Phoenix” and got all emotional. So many more thoughts since this post. I’m also excited that you enjoyed the last season. Sometimes it is hard for a show to wrap up in a satisfying way.

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