5/52: Elliot’s Rich Pageant

February 1, 2014

So I hope you will eventually comment and like this when I place it on The Social Network, but you, dear blog readers, get to see this video first. And just look at this blogging endeavor, getting me to post a video early for once!

The song is by one of my favorite groups from my high school and college years. My friends and I actually made a series of music and “fighting” videos to R.E.M.’s Monster album. After creating the videos, we would watch ourselves over and over while commenting on them and making fun of each other. Ah the memories. I’m getting a little nostalgic over the narcissism. I’m also so very glad we didn’t have access to social media back then.

The boys from Athens, Georgia and I have another bond with this particular song. According to Sara, this was the song playing in the O.R. before Elliot was brought into this world. So that’s the only reason why I picked this song. I mean, he’s a cool kid and all, but it’s not like he has reached the coolness levels of his father circa the 1990s.


11 Responses to “5/52: Elliot’s Rich Pageant”

  1. Debbie Says:

    The perfect way to start a gray February day! Thank you, Ronn.

  2. Sara Says:

    As always, love the video! And his response to avocado.

    That song was playing. It’s the only one I remember, and even as I was there on the table I was thinking: “I will remember this. And I wish it wasn’t this song.” But I did feel like he was a bit of a superman just for hanging in there so long.

  3. Sara Says:

    I’ll catch up on comments through segmentation. It’s worth noting that now when Jude, Malcolm, Elliot, and the Two on the Way have computers full of GoPro footage, we can warn them that it’s only fair to make wives, not girlfriends, sit through seeming hours of it. Or maybe E., like his father, will decide that watching his personal fake fighting exploits in a friend’s basement is a good way to sort the girlfriends from the potential wives. Except none of us have basements–oh, bummer.

  4. Hilary Says:

    The grins! The hair! The mouth-dropping awe over the exercise ball! Love him.

  5. oh! this boy. the hair never ceases to acquire new levels of awesome. and the avocado bit is hilarious. but i love how the entire time (including when he’s on his back), he could care less about rolling on the ball. he just wants to get that enormous globe IN. HIS. MOUTH!

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