16/52: Community is CoolCoolCool

April 19, 2014

Last week was a rough week. First the son succumbed to his first cold. The daughter followed. Then the wife. There was weeping. If Elliot had teeth, he would have gnashed them. I had report cards to finish. Parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. The school yearbook, which I am faculty sponsor of, was due on Friday. It was horrible in so many ways. However, at the end of the week, I came away feeling very fortunate.

It only took a rather dire status update from Sara to get a wave of sympathy going. My colleagues prayed for us. Parents of students at my school would stop me in the hallway and ask me how my family was doing, their concern genuine to the core. One set of saints interrupted their parent-teacher conference with me to ask if they could watch my class for awhile so I could attend to my family. And that was just the beginning.

A neighbor and colleague of Sara’s brought chicken noodle soup over. It was so good, I ended up eating more than my healthy person allowance. Dear friends dropped off a pizza from our favorite local restaurant. And salad. And garlic rolls. Just so we didn’t have to worry about preparing a meal for one night. Those kind acts were restorative.

I’ve been a part of my current community for almost six years now. It has taken awhile for me to feel comfortable, but I’m starting to see how special this place is. My students are such a joy to work with that I honestly have not had a bad day of teaching in two years. Their parents are supportive and grateful. On the two occasions we welcomed new life into our household, we were blessed by several weeks of meals to ease us into the joys of zombiehood.

When I go to the market, with kids in tow, we almost always run into someone who is excited to see us. When we go to church, there are so many adults who seem invested in my kids’ lives. So many people in my community care about my family, and I am invested in their families too.

It isn’t easy for an introvert with extremely limited social skills to admit that he embraces community. But after last week, I am thankful for pots of chicken noodle soup, boxes of pizza, and a group of people who give me the hope to run out of steam.



2 Responses to “16/52: Community is CoolCoolCool”

  1. Mom Says:

    How fortunate and blessed you all are to be a part of such a caring, loving, supportive community!

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