20/52: 10 El Vision

May 18, 2014

Name: Elliot
Sign: Cancer
Age: 10 Months

Likes: Swinging (the G-rated version), eating sand on the beach, “shaking” on request, growing hair, a good balloon to grow old with, standing with assistance, not crawling, Puffs, and world peace.

Dislikes: Crawling, people who prevent me from putting what I want to in my mouth (e.g. sand and sticks), sleeping through the night, regular bowel movements, cacti, and world chaos.


6 Responses to “20/52: 10 El Vision”

  1. Sara Says:

    I’m unsure if he’s a Pageant Princess or hitting up a dating website, but either way, he’s destined for success. Best between-conference break ever!

  2. Mom Says:

    Happy 10th month birthday, Elliot! Such a happy, cheerful boy!

    • teachiro Says:

      I was tempted to put in some footage of Elliot looking peeved or irritable to give the full panorama, but he truly is a happy guy on most occasions.

  3. awningonanouthouse Says:

    Rock on, little man. Rock on. You are a giant already.

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