33/52: Stealing a Moment

September 10, 2014

It’s a school night and I’m blogging. Such a strange feeling. It may be the last chance I get this year. I have this opportunity because Sara cooked a phenomenal dinner (ravioli using won ton wrappers of all things), washed the dishes, and bathed the daughter. It was over the top graciousness. Soon she will be starting back to work and two out of those three things will be back on my shoulders as she attempts to balance the trifecta of motherhood, wifeness, and college professordom while occasionally getting sleep.

But normally, even a super sensational spouse can’t counteract the nefarious forces of grading, lesson plans, and parent emails. However, this week is ITBS week. And for the #2 pencil industry and teachers, that is a good thing.

Instead of having to grade all these papers, I get to send them off for the almighty scantron overlord to judge bubbles with an exacting eye. Instead of planning out a lecture for Math, a PowerPoint for Science, and discussion questions for Literature, I challenge myself by thinking up ways to make gems like “Does everyone have the right place?” and “Only make marks on your answer folder” even more interesting.

I meant to get ahead on my work, to come up with new chapter worksheets for The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan (an excellent read, by the way) which we will read in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my book home because I was certain I had a copy here already. And obviously, once I change to jersey shorts a trip back to the classroom ain’t happening. I’ve got a scientific PowerPoint about that.

Instead, I watched a Colbert Report with Sara, attempted to pay back her kindness by giving her a back rub, graded a few papers that I didn’t finish during the course of the day, and prayed that neither of my kids would wake up with gas or a bloody nose.

So far so good. I feel like I’ve stolen a moment from someone else’s life. Someone who also happens to be fighting the urge to eat his children’s school snacks.


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