35/52: The Big Five

September 28, 2014

She use to feel about five like I used to feel about 40. “When I’m five…” she would say. She would go to school. She would graduate from a bath to a shower. She would take swimming lessons. That far-off five had a pleasant elusiveness. Like her personal Scarlet Pimpernel.

But now five is here. She’s been in school for over a month. She sits in the shower with her goggles on. She’s just a few gills shy of being an honorary fish.

It has been a significant year for her. Not all of it has been good. She has had meltdowns and probably doubled her timeout total as a result. She went through a period of borderline OCD hyper-vigilance about every little thing, from potty visits to trivial transgressions, that seriously tested my parental character. She had to say goodbye to two great grandmothers who she loved with a genuine four-year-old love.

In spite of the frustration and in spite of the loss, she has changed for the better in so many ways. She has branched out socially, eagerly attending VBS this year and making friends at school. She has pushed herself physically, learning to swim, continuing ballet, climbing up walls, and doing new tricks every day. She has grown mentally, learning to sound out certain words, counting to 100, asking focused questions beyond the barrages of “Why?” She has matured emotionally, gracefully handling the nuances of playing big sister to a more active baby brother. She has started to express love in more meaningful ways, telling me how much she misses me when I’m away. She empathizes more with others. My little bobblehead is turning into a little person.

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t feel sadness over my baby girl growing up. However, this feeling is mitigated by the excitement over the positive changes that this new year of life will have in store for her. And also by Kleenex. Lots of it. Pardon me while I go do some fatherly weeping.


One Response to “35/52: The Big Five”

  1. Eileen Kakazu Says:

    I needed some Kleenex too! Allie will treasure these words and sentiments. Thanks for sharing your musings.

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