41/52: Minority Report

November 8, 2014

Lately, I have been feeling the need to not connect with people. A weekend with numerous social gatherings left me feeling like a dead car battery. My great bliss for the week was driving alone after getting an oil change, obtaining a haircut, and purchasing groceries. I’ve also been thinking about how hard I should lean into the wind to build social relationships, or whether I should just take a step back, accept my social deficiencies, and link out.

Perhaps it is these thoughts that made me think of the organization Jews for Jesus. This group was established on the idea of evangelizing one community circle and bringing them into a much smaller one, knowing that their central idea was a non-starter for most intended converts. This forbidden fruit may actually serve as part of the pull, though I think another key element should not be underestimated—alliteration.

Alliteration is everywhere in our culture. The Ford Focus. The Los Angeles Lakers. Coca-Cola. The Fast and the Furious. I wonder how many companies, movies, or people have been beneficiaries of alliteration’s PR acumen.

Along the lines of Jews for Jesus, here are a few other groups that undoubtedly owe their fledgling existence to alliteration:

Bros for Buddha

Mennonites for Modern Art

Hindus for Happy Meals

Mormons for Mustaches

Christians for Contraception

Muslims for Metallica

Scholars for Scientology

Wiccans for Wu-Tang


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