51/52: Christmas Actually

January 1, 2015

Sorry Christmas,

I know I declared Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday, but you’re pretty great too. For one thing, you give parents like me a reason to lie to their children and pass on credit to some chubby guy in a red suit. In doing so, you make fat the new black. You give us the excuse to put pine trees in our living rooms. That’s kind of crazy when you think about it. It’s not like I can go cut down a Japanese maple in the fall and put it in my study. You’re also pretty good to teachers. We get lots of thoughtful gifts and cards from our students, though you might want to tell them to cut back on the ceramic mugs and rocas. And one thing you definitely have over Thanksgiving? Your holiday soundtrack. From secular to sacred, from “O Come O Come Immanuel” to “Silver Bells”, you can throw some serious shade at Thanksgiving’s jams. But maybe what I like best about you is your lights. As a kid, my reaction to a street decked out in lights was a good kind of visceral. Whether I am in Hawaii, Washington, Guam, or California like I was this year, those lights bring me back to those innocent times. I don’t get emotional over a cornucopia.

Now that I have kids of my own, my feelings about you are like a phoenix reborn. I get glimpses of what you used to mean to me. Making lists. Wondering what Santa would bring. Counting down the days. Listening to music on the radio. Jumping and pointing at beautiful light displays. Eating meals with family. Spending time with them. Feeling sad that you had come and gone.

After all the eating and spending and deception, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of guilt surrounding you. So even though I feel a little bit guilty about choosing Thanksgiving, I’ll take the time next November to say a word of thanks for all the joy you bring.

Your secret admirer,



2 Responses to “51/52: Christmas Actually”

  1. Sara Says:

    Love those world’s most ineffective huggers! And just for the record, Alice was spinning the wheel in the wrong direction, and for the sake of your stomach I didn’t correct her. Directional confusion can have its advantages.

  2. teachiro Says:

    If you look at the footage, she clearly thinks she is doing something. Thanks for looking out for me.

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