To Quote Bono

April 18, 2015

It’s been…well, it’s been a little while. Since I did anything really. But definitely since I posted a video. Here’s one of the son growing up. And indeed he is growing, slowly but surely. We’ll have another checkup at the beginning of May, but most of the indicators seem to be hopeful.

In addition to finally growing teeth, the young buck is sliding, throwing, kicking, running, and verbalizing with abandon. His favorite word is ball, and he is obsessed with every variety. Just be alert though, or he’ll pop you with one when you aren’t looking.


5 Responses to “To Quote Bono”

  1. Sara Says:

    You capture him well, babe!

    Also: Alice Kakazu, offering icing tutorials to the unnecessarily demure eater. Pricing reasonable.

  2. Mom Says:

    He sure is a boy on the move!

  3. Sara Says:

    Yes, to the volume. You realize how much of that looks exactly like you?

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