Day 1

So almost four weeks ago, Sara and I headed out to visit the folks in Hawaii. Our flight left at 6 am meaning we left the house at about 3:30 am. A long day awaited us.

Of course, I was comforted by the fact that I was going to flippin’ Hawaii! What could I possibly be whining about? And the flying experience wasn’t even that bad. No flight cancellations or delays, no babies kicking the seat, no luggage lost. Our biggest trauma was the very unsatisfying ending to our in-flight movie–Premonition.

So that first evening, we just talked with the folks, ate some really good Thai food, and got addicted to the show Top Chef and other shows too embarrassing to mention.

Day 2

Before leaving for Hawaii, I had set a personal goal to go to the beach at least 15 times. So Sara and I headed out to the most-highly-favored Kalama Beach for some boogie boarding and sunning. Usually boogie boarding is exclusive to me and sunning is exclusive to Sara. However, on this day Sara ventured out and seriously got her boogie on. It was a great day for catching waves. They weren’t too big, curled from right to left, and lacked choppiness. We caught nearly every wave we attempted. Added bonuses included a lack of kelpiness and Portuguese man-o-war stings. Though I am always prepared to pee on a leg if needed (Note to self: before volunteering, see if urine even helps PMOW stings).

The other highlight of the day was that Kevin and Amanda came in that night. Of course, we were sleeping at the time because they were delayed and we were jetlagged but I’m sure we sent welcoming snores their way.

Day 3

All the countries who are independent throw your hands up in the air! On the 4th of July we headed over to watch the Kailua Parade. Apparently, when we were younger, Kevin got to ride on a float in this very parade. I never got to do this but I’m not bitter. He also got to be a Bible boy which I also never got to do. Okay, I am bitter. The obvious solution: serve as a Bible boy for people who get married on a float in a parade. Any takers? I won’t cry on stage and if someone throws a Portuguese man-o-war on you and you get stung, I’m your man.

Anyhow, I think my mind may have drifted a little bit in the parade too, but there was plenty of patriotism on display in the form of marching bands, flags, free cotton candy, storm troopers, and Darth Vader. But enough cynicism. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and see myself as an innocent kid enjoying the parade. It would be so fun to make fun of me!

That afternoon the whole family watched the delightful Ratatouille in an air-conditioned theater. It totally changed my view of those misunderstood maligned critters–French people.

That night we headed out to watch the fireworks at my Auntie Ellen’s place. Her house sits atop a hill so we could see fireworks from Ala Moana, Pearl Harbor, and John Q Kamakawiwo’ole’s backyard. It was all so pretty.

Day 4

My memory is getting fuzzy here, but I’m pretty sure we climbed up Diamond Head. I’ve done this hike about six times and I think this was the most out-of-shape I’ve been. The last brutal staircase kicked my butt.

Three nice things about the top of Diamond Head: The view is always worth it, you get a nice breeze which cools you down, and you can compare sweat stains with the many tourists around you.

After that we feasted on the best shave ice in Hawaii at Waiola Shave Ice. This stuff is shaved so fine it’s almost creamy, and they are liberal with the syrup and the ice cream. WORD OF CAUTION FOR WHITE PEOPLE: Sara had to repeat her order to the girl at the register approximately 7 times and Amanda had some problems as well. Despite this, neither of their orders arrived correctly. Yet the same girl had no problem understanding my brother, mom, dad, or me.

We took a trip to Ala Moana Shopping Center for the Food Court and then headed out for a swim at the beach. While there, Kevin and I engaged in an impromptu “So You Think You Can Annoy Your Wife” competition.

Day 5

On Friday, we headed back to Kalama Beach to meet our cousins. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and they ended up after a different beach. After several hours, we met up at a much less scenic location–Taco Bell. Afterwards, we headed back to the beach and then treated ourselves to some not very good shave ice. It was good to see the cousins again even if it did make me feel oldoldold.

For those keeping track, the beach count was a a healthy 3


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